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  La Maison du Cerf is well situated if you need a break on your way to the south of France. Nevertheless, Le Berry offers you enough to prolong you stay, for there are many amenities to suit everyone.  
  The local attractions are:
  • Visiting picturesque villages and castles.
  • Visiting St. Sévère, the village where the film ‘Jour de Fête’ of Jacques Tati was situated.
  • You can follow in the footsteps of George Sand.
  • Going for long walks or go cycling, while enjoying the scenery.
  • The gardens of Drulon.
  long walks
  Lake and Castle
  Lake Sidialles and the Castle of Culan.    
  • You have the opportunity to go for a swim on three places nearby: there are two swimming pools and a lake.
  • There are golf links within 10 minutes
  • In the Creuse area, you can canoe.